10 Ja que lui ne si actende

Antoine Busnoys (1430-1492)

Ja que lui ne si actende
Car tous autres sont cassez
Et je laime plus q[ue] assez
Affin que ch[asc]un lentende

Aussi il a tel renom
De porter a sa plaisance
Deux des lectres de mo[n]
nom Lune perse et lautre blanche

Plus que jamais de sa bende
Me tendray et de si pres
Quil voirra bien par expres
Que son fait tousiours amende

Ja que lui ne si actende . . .

Although he doesn't expect it,
for all others have been driven to despair,
I love him more than enough
for everyone to perceive it.

Moreover he has the privilege
of wearing at his pleasure
two of the letters of my name:
one blue and the other white.

More than ever, to his side
I shall cling, and that so closely
that he will clearly see
that I do ever improve his lot.

Although he doesn't expect it . . .