15 Dones confort a vostre amy

Anonymous, Oxford Can. Misc. 213

Dones confort a vostre amy,
Ce jour de l’an belle mestresse,
Qui loyaulment en sa jounesse
A son pooir vos a servy.

Nulle veillies metre en obly,
Mais lienment par vostre humblesse
Dones confort a vostre amy…

Se ce fettes par vo merchy,
Gettes sera heurs de tristresse,
Qui si tres fort au cuer le blesse,
Et ne dira plus en soussy,
Dones confort a vostre amy…



Give comfort to your beau
This day of the year, pretty mistress,
Who loyally in his youth,
Has served you to the best of his ability.

Never forget him,
But joyfully, in your humility
Give comfort to your beau…

If you do this, in your mercy,
He will be cast far from sadness,
Which thus so strongly has wounded his heart,
And nevermore will he say in distress:
Give comfort to your beau…