4 La doulce flour qui de moy honnouree

Anonymous, Oxford Can. Misc. 213

La doulce flour qui de moy honnouree,
Est et sera tant que j’auray duree,
Gracieuse est, ou monde n’a son per.
Rayson m’aprent que la doye loer
Aussy feray car c’est ma desiree.

N’ay je cause, c’est ma dame est maistresse,
Tout mon plaisir, c’est [ma] joie et ma liesse,
Gay et joli pour s’amour me tendray.

Veullent ou non, jalous plain de tristesse
Je l’ameray, c’est celle qui me dresse
Le droit chemin pour qui tous-jour seray.

Lies et joueux mais que la belle nee
Ait comme j’ay eu tous jours en ma pensee
Vray souvenir de moy amy clamer.
Mon desir est aussi sans point fauser
Elle servir pour chauscune journee.

La doulce flour qui de moy honnouree…



The sweet flower who is honored by me,
And shall be as long as I shall live,
She is gracious - the world does not have her equal.
Reason instructs me that I must love her,
And I shall, for that is my desire.

I have no reason to doubt, it is my lady and mistress,
She is my whole pleasure, my joy and my delight,
Gay and pretty, she holds me for her love.

Should she desire it or not, jealous, full of sadness
I shall love her, tis she who shows me
The straight path, for whom I shall always be (there).

Happy and joyful but that the born beauty
Should be as I always imagined,
The true memory of my love proclaimed.
My desire is also without falseness
To serve her each and every day.

The sweet flower who is honored by me…