16 Seule Esgaree

Gilles Binchois

Seule esgaree de tout joyeulx plaisir.
Dolour seree en quoy me fault languir.
Toutte afermee de jamais avoir joye.
Sui et seray ne pour riens que je voye.
Tant que vivray n’aray que desplaisir.

Bien ascuree a tout mal parvenir,
Disconforter sans jamays departir.
Sui demoree quelque par que je soye.
Seule esgaree…

En ma pensee n’aray nul souvenir
De chose nee qui me puist esjoir.
Avoir duree longement ne voldroye.
Sy pri adieu que la mort brief m’envoye,
Car jamais mieux ne me puist advenir.
Seule esgaree…


Alone, abandoned by all joyous pleasure,
Pain is that in which I shall languish.
All affirms that I shall never experience joy;
I am and shall be for naught that I can see.
As long as I live I shall have only displeasure.

Well prepared for all bad that may come,
Without ever leaving I remain inconsolable
Wherever I find myself.
Alone, abandoned…

In my thoughts I have no memory
Of any living thing that I may delight in.
I do not wish for a long existence,
And so I pray to God that death may take me away soon
Since never will I experience any better.
Alone, abandoned…