4 J'atendray Tant

Guillaume Dufay

J’atendray tant qu’il vous playra
A vous declarer ma pensee,
Ma tres chiere dame honouree,
Je ne say s’il m’en desplayra.

Mais toutes fois, pour complaire a
Vostre personne desiree,
J’atendray tant…

Car j’ay espour, quant a vendra
Qu’a ce vous seres acordee,
Que ma doulour sera cesee,
Je le vous ay dit long temps a.
J’atendray tant…



I will wait as long as it pleases you,
To declare my thoughts to you,
My sweet, honored lady,
(Although) I don't know if it will displease me!

But in any case, to comply with
Your desirable person,
I will wait...

Because I have hope that the day will come,
That you will be in agreement,
(And) that my sorrow shall cease.
I told you long ago
I will wait...