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My Heart Remains with You

Medieval love songs inspired by Arthurian Romance
Asteria follows one of the most beloved chivalric stories from the Middle Ages, that of the knight Yvain, to illustrate how the concepts of courtly love as presented in Arthurian romance were highly integrated into the art songs of the 15th century. Get ready for magic, monsters, dungeons and impetuous princesses!
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Of a Rose Singe We

Songs to celebrate the union of England and France
On the heels of the wars of the roses, the noble English families were all vying to cement alliances with their powerful neighbors across the channel. The marriage in 1468 of Charles the Bold, duke of Burgundy, to Margaret of York, sister to the future king Richard III, was among the most determinative of these unions to emerge in the final decades of the 15th century.
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