“Intimate and deeply communicative… meltingly beautiful…”
The New York Times  

¬†“An exquisite feast for the eyes, the ears, the mind and the heart.”
-Kathy Gaubatz, President, Miami Bach Society

“Magical and mesmerizing.”
Mark Cudek, Peabody Conservatory 

Asteria (Sylvia Rhyne, soprano, and Eric Redlinger, tenor and lute) brings to life the exquisite love songs of medieval Burgundy. Their historically informed settings and intimate interpretations are based on extensive archival research into original sources in Paris, The Hague, and Basel, Switzerland.

This engaging duo brings out the passion and emotional impact of late medieval vocal and instrumental music with timeless love songs of wide appeal, transporting their listeners back to the age of chivalry.

Asteria has been heralded as “meltingly beautiful” by The New York Times and as “captivating and intimate” by Goldberg Magazine.

Asteria’s highly anticipated 4th album is here!
For the love of Jaqueline tracks the highs and lows of a real medieval romance through the sumptuous music of Antoine Busnoys (1430-1492), newly transcribed and arranged by Asteria directly from the Dijon chansonnier and recorded at the 14th century Burgundian palace of Germolles.

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