Flower of Passion – Thorn of Despair

Chivalry and Courtly Love in Medieval Burgundy
Flower of passion – thorn of despair brings together a sumptuous collection of courtly songs that would have likely been performed in the courts of the Dukes of Burgundy at the height of their cultural influence during the mid to late 15th century. The composers and musicians who prospered under the reign of Philip II, duke of Burgundy, were the envy of Europe, and his court chapel was compared favorably to that of pope himself. Philip’s generosity and appreciation of music contributed to a legacy of poetry and song that would be continue to be performed and imitated long after the end of Burgundian influence. The title of the program is drawn from the 13th century work The Romance of the Rose, an epic poem of love that chronicles the quest of a stricken lover to retrieve his “rose” from an impregnable fortress.